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Use items to evolve Pokemon 15 times

Next to evolving Eevee into each of its unique evolutions one of the task requirements to reach Level 42 is to use items to evolve Pokemon 15 times. Unfortunately none of the evolutions of Eevee require items. To find out which Pokémon in your storage need to be evolved with an item you can use the search bar at the top. Below you find the search term for all your Pokémon that need an evolution item in different languages, ready to be copied!

Language Search Term
English item
German item
Portuguese item
Spanish objeto
French objet
Italian strumento
Japanese どうぐ
Korean 도구
Chinese item

This answers the question of what you CAN evolve. But which Pokémon SHOULD you evolve? In order to find out which Pokémon are good enough for an evolution you should modify the search term to see your Pokémon with the best IV. So, below you find the modified version of the search term so that you use your items only the Pokémon with the best IV!

Language Search Term
English item&3*,4*
German item&3*,4*
Portuguese item&3*,4*
Spanish objeto&3*,4*
French objet&3*,4*
Italian strumento&3*,4*
Japaese どうぐ&3*,4*
Korean 도구&3*,4*
Chinese item&3*,4*

But what do all parts of the above search query mean? When should you use an ampersand and when will commas give you the serach result you want? The search query consists of the term "item" which gives you every Pokémon in your storage which can be evolved throuhgh an evolution item. The ampersand combines query strings and can be read as an "and". That means the Pokémon should be evolved with an item and must fulfill the other condition as well. In the above case the second condition is the IV range. "3*" gives you all Pokémon with IV between 82,2% and 97,8%, "4*" shows you all Pokémon with perfect IV, meaning 100%. The comma is also used to combine query terms and can be read as an "or". Translated into plain words the search query means: Show all Pokémon that need an item to be evolved AND have IV between 82,2% and 97,8% OR IV of 100%.