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Why a calculator?

This calculator is the result of a fun thought experiment. We were eager to learn about how much money players like Brandon Tan or Spieletrend spend on PokéCoins. Of course it is difficult to know exactly (you can of course ask), but it is possible to make a good guess with our calculator. At first we implemented only the most important items into this calculator, like Incubators, Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs. In the future we will add more items, so calculations will become closer to the realistic result.

What are the assumptions of the calculator?

We assume reasonable behavior by players that spend substantial money. This means that players would not buy just one STAR PIECE for 100 PokéCoins but 8 STAR PIECES for 640 PokéCoin. The same is assumed when exchanging real money for Pokécoins. Here we take the optimal exchange rate which is 109.99€ for 14500 PokéCoins or 99.99$ for 14500 PokéCoins. If you are interested in other currencies or know that our prices are not up to date, feel free to contact us. Just send us a picture of the prices of your country and we will try to implement it!

Why we don't consider Boxes from the PokéShop?

The contents of the Ultra Box and The Adventure Box change quite frequently. This makes it difficult to keep our background calculations up to date. Also boxes contain items that do not have prices (like Elite TMs) or items that are rarely bought by players(PokéBalls) as their biggest priority. That's why we are basing our calculations on the PokéCoin bundle containing 14500 coins.